Wilmington Little League

Evaluation Weekend is HERE

This Weekend’s Evaluations:

The purpose of the evaluation day is to look at the participants as a whole, in each division, and spread out the talent on all the teams in our recreation league. We want to promote fair competition throughout the season and allow coaches to see the skill level of the players on their team. From this coaches will be better equipped to design effective practices and coaching for the benefit of the individual players. The evaluation is comprised of catching, throwing, hitting and running.



When you arrive you will need to sign in at the gazebo and get your evaluation number. Please be a few minutes early so we can start the evaluation on time. Players ONLY need to attend one of the two options for the evaluation date (Saturday OR Monday).





Saturday March 12th 9:00AM on the RED FIELD (Veteran’s Park)

Monday March 14th 6:15PM on the RED FIELD (Veteran’s Park)



Saturday March 12th 10:30AM on the BLUE FIELD (Veteran’s Park)

Monday March 14th 7:15PM on the BLUE FIELD (Veteran’s Park)



Saturday March 12th 10:30AM on the YELLOW FIELD (Veteran’s Park)

Monday March 14th 7:15PM on the YELLOW FIELD (Veteran’s Park)


*Bring your glove and cleats. If you have a bat and helmet, you can bring that as well (however we will have extras if needed).



Creating Teams:

Players and coaches have had the ability to group up to 6 players of their choosing during registration. Requests for teammates and coaching have been acknowledged to the best of our ability as a league. Also, players in the same division, from the previous year can choose to stay with their coach from last Spring. (The Fall Season is an instructional league and is not included in this discussion.) All players, even those already placed on a team at registration, must be evaluated so that we can insure the distribution of talent. Players not evaluated on Saturday or Monday will be drawn out of a hat and placed on a team at the end of the draft night.


Finally, coaches will contact their players during the week of the 21st. They will introduce themselves and tell you about the practice times they have selected. Practices will begin shortly after that and the Opening Ceremonies will be Saturday, April 2nd 10:00AM.

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