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Oh NO! My baseball player is 13…


Like many families that have enjoyed baseball through the years, there comes a day that you knew was looming out there. Every year it gets closer and closer. Finally its here… My son is 13 and just aged out of the league… now what?

Well there is good news! A new option has surfaced. Wilmington Little League at Veteran’s Park has transitioned their Majors Division (11-12 yr olds) to Little League Intermediate Division (11-13 yr olds). Now players that can no longer play Majors have another place to play and prepare for the next level.

There are several things most people don’t know about the Intermediate Division:

  1. It allows 13 year olds to still play rec ball (Fall and Spring).
  2. The mound is 50 feet.
  3. The bases are 70 feet.
  4. There is open stealing and leading off.
  5. It is a great transition from Majors (46/60) to middle school (60/90)

This past Spring Wilmington Little League took their first All-Star team in the Intermediate Division to the State level of the tournament. This was a young team of players and they worked hard. We are looking to build this division and go even deeper into the tournament next Spring. Come be a part of an exciting growing Intermediate Division this Fall.

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