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School is Back and mom is SO EXCITED!

School is back today! And for many of you its a exciting day.
(More so for you than for your kids possibly…)

parentshappyAll joking aside, we hope you all are getting a great start to the week. For most of you, it’s the day to send the kids back to school! This symbolizes the end of Summer and Fall is quickly upon us. You’ve been busy! Heading out of town, going to the beach, seeing friends and family, and of course some last minute shopping to get all the school supplies you needed for this morning.
The chaos is calming… you can almost feel it.

It’s funny how there is always that moment when you ask yourself, “did I forget anything?” Book bags (check), binders (check), lunches (check), etc….

Once you feel good that you got everything squared away for school, let me throw one more thing out there.


(Many of you already have and we are super excited about the season.) However, there is only 1 WEEK LEFT in registration so if you haven’t already OR if you know of someone that likes to wait for the last minute… now is the time to remind them.

It’s easy and will only 5 minutes to get registered. REGISTER NOW


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