Wilmington Little League

Divisions & Ages Information


What division will my child play?

This Spring and Fall seasons we offer age divisions from 5-13 years of age. Below are the age breaks for each division.

Please click this link to determine your child’s “baseball age” according to Little League guidelines. Note that in the Fall, some player like to “play up” in the division they will be in the following Spring.

TEEBALL (5-6 yr olds)
– 8 players per team
– shortened field
– Traditional infield on defenseLL logo 350x200

MACHINE PITCH (7-8 yr olds)
– 11 players per team
– 60ft baseline
– 4 “hit-able” pitches

MINOR LEAGUE (9-10 yr olds)
– 11 players per team
– 46/60 field
– Stealing is allowed

INTERMEDIATE LEAGUE (11-13 yr olds)  – formerly called “Majors”
– 11 players per team
– 50/70 field
– Open bases for stealing and lead-offs


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