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Juniors League (13-14 yr olds)



For years now we have offered Junior League baseball for 13 -14 yr olds. This past Fall season (2017) we made a decision to switch our Majors division (11-12 year olds) over to the Intermediate League (which is for 11-13 year olds). This provides a place for players to transition smoothly from 46/60 field to a 60/90 Middle school field. By spending a season on a 50/70 field with stealing and lead-offs.

Most leagues age-out at 12 years old and jump straight to the big field at 13 years old. We hope this is a helpful transition for years to come.

Please click this link to determine your child’s “baseball age” according to 2016 Little League guidelines.

 Currently, Wilmington Little League is offering a Seniors division (14 and Up )league experience. Thank you.

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